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7 responses to “Sprint Announces Palm Pre”

  1. JJ

    Palm has finally gotten back into the game. This phone looks promising. I just qualified for my discount and I am going to wait now for the pre. It will be a tough decision between the pre and the touch pro. This phone looks awesome.

  2. Mazi

    An unproven, unknown O.S., with potential minimal third party program support, and a host of standard first generation bugs! Maybe an Android, M.S 6.1 or 6.5, maybe even 7.0 would have been a better product combo introduction, hence potentialy a stronger, re introduction of Palm into the mix. A fixed internal memory system, in case of a break down of the O.S, or hardware, one would be left with 8 gigs of unsecured eggs, in one basket!! A microsdhc, should have been standard, giving the Prosumer the option, would have shown forsight, also no Tv out, in the age of pocket projectors ?! Lastly, a measly 3 megapixel Camera, by first half of 2009! Sorry, but that is a weak product introduction, to bad that the Pre makes Sprint into the Guinea Pig of Palm! Mr. Hesse, congrats on Customer Service, Sprint however, can simply not afford the luxury of missfires, it needs solid hits, maybe the Pro, will save the day for now, until the AndrOmnia! Thank You

  3. Christopher Price

    Mazi, six months ago, you could have said the exact same things about Android. Competition is always A Good Thingâ„¢.

  4. bottomline

    Some people are just pathologically negative. This looks 2 be an awesome phone. I’m definitely buying it !

  5. Don Louie

    That post reminded me of backbeat, a habitual Sprint troll on engadgetmobile and boygeniusreport who doesn’t like any good to say about Sprint, vendors or thier customers. The majority of the buzz is good and places that had given up on Palm so let come out before trashing it

  6. Mazi

    The facts are stated very clearly, I never said a word about Android! Comparing Apples to Oranges, just demonstrates ones lack of understanding of the Android philosophy vs. WebOS, the idea of reinventing Garnet for Palm! Judging ones (habit) character and personality, on the bases of one insightful feedback, just goes to show the shallowness of the individuals thought process, attempting an insult, how original and mature! PCS Intel/Phone News is the only site, i have commented on, name calling is no different, get your facts straight, life is too short to treat one another, with such lack of respect! After all my feedback, will give you, a better Product, dare I ask,…?! ‘Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from Mediocre Minds’ _ Albert Einstein Sprint Customer, since 1997 Thank You

  7. Christopher Price

    Mazi, if you think we insulted you with our reply, I feel very sorry for you. I encourage you to re-read things from start to finish, and gain some common sense on the discussion.