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3 responses to “Sprint Announces Dual-Mode WiMax/CDMA Modem”

  1. Don Louie

    That was quick, they just announced last week a device like this would be available and handsets too. Does that mean phones are around the corner?

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  3. Christopher Price

    Don Louie, Sprint hasn’t announced any WiMAX handsets, nor do they have plans to announce any in the near future.

    While Sprint 4G phones will certainly come in the future, I wouldn’t expect to see any before late 2010.

    However, with WiMAX Voice protocols being accelerated in development, testing, and deployment, it’s certainly possible that a device like a modified form of the HTC MAX could make it to Sprint next year, with WiMAX calling. I wouldn’t say it’s probable, but I wouldn’t call it out either.