13 responses to “Sprint Adding the BlackBerry Curve 8530 to Lineup (Updated)”

  1. Duker

    Wonder how this differs from the current 8330 and the Nextel 8350i Blackberry?

  2. Don Louie

    The only difference is appearance and the addition of WiFi

  3. James

    Typo in story…

    “Curve 8530 will be available in three color options “

  4. C

    No mention of GPS?

  5. Don Louie

    Sprint’s phones are almost mandatory to have nav, the current Curve has it so there’s no reason this won’t

  6. i like dan hesse

    It will have Nav!

    Around the same time the tour2 should be coming out…its basically the same tour but adds wi-fi and optical trackpad!

  7. JJ

    Every blackberry phone out with sprint and most other companies always have GPS.

  8. Daniel

    Will this Curve be supporting EVDO r0 or rA?

  9. wtf

    yes blackberry came out with another same look phone from 20 years ago.. Blackberry= Terrible company, bad marketing and will die a sdlow death. Google 1st Blackberry and surprise..very similiar to the new ones..lol

  10. JJ

    Blackberry is the #1 phone used by businesses and last time I checked they were doing pretty good in the smartphone market. Their phones might all look the same but they have been doing pretty well for themselves. If they have bad marketing then I really want to see what good marketing is.

  11. i like dan hesse

    Blackberry’s still have a lot of room for improvement in apps and interface…BUT…when it comes to email and messaging, BB is KING!

  12. C

    Apparently the Tmobile version of this phone doesn’t have GPS so i’m not sure it will have it. Also no flash, and no metalic tabs on the back so it wont work with a desktop charger.

  13. C

    FYI It will have GPS. Also it is available for order via telesales on Sunday November 15th. It will have blackberry OS 5.0. Which includeds threaded sms.