3 responses to “SpinVox Offers Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry”

  1. SKhan

    Spinvox plugin for voice messages seems interesting. I have visited their web but currently there charges 9.99$ per months seems bit high.

  2. Fahad Khan

    actually i would say that it depends how badly you need it…. for some, its a good investment…i personally get about 5 voicemails a month so wouldnt need it at all

  3. David Gerzof

    If you want a visual voicemail application for your BlackBerry check out SimulSays. It integrates with the BlackBerry’s contact list and allows users to selectively retrieve voicemails just like on th iPhone. Users can scroll through and select which message to view, listen to it, read it and reply to it by phone, SMS or email. The website to try out SimulSays is http://www.simulsays.com