SPI Cancels MacWorld Expo Coverage *Updated Again*

Due to the incompetence of a PR rep, we won’t be covering MacWorld Expo SF 2004. Hit the Read More button to find out what happened, and how you can help.

After submitting press credentials, I was surprised to find them rejected. However, I contacted Sarah Stroker (MacWorld Expo’s PR Rep) for a reason. She claimed that SPI was not ‘industry relevant’ and said that I would have to provide more information to show the site was relevant to the computer industry.

I could understand this, as Ms. Stroker is, I’m sure, unaware to the T608, Bluetooth, Treo 600’s Modem, or even iSync. So I responded with over 20 instances of industry-relevant content on this site. Since then, Ms. Stroker has not responded to a single phone call or email that I have sent requesting an update. I have even offered to have two exhibitors that I have interviewed contact her directly to express their outrage that she does not consider the mobile industry relevant to computers.

Since I cannot contact Ms. Stroker, maybe you can use your Night & Weekend minutes to do so. You can reach Sarah Stroker at (617) 937-2592. Barring any change-of-heart by Tuesday morning, we will not be providing any coverage of MacWorld Expo on this site. I ask you, the loyal readership of this site, to express your outrage to her directly.

Update: Ms. Stoker just sent me an email, saying that she didn’t respond to my week-old requests for an update due to ‘the large volume of media’ and simply denied my request for press credentials without giving further rational. I suggest you call still, hopefully she will change her mind with your reasoning.

Update 2: Some anonymous commentators (*inserting grain of salt here*) have stated that Ms. Stroker was constantly harrassed by several callers that were malicious in nature. I will state now that this was not my intent, and I’m sure that most sane individuals will agree with that statement. My goal was simply to have an informed viewership alert her to the fact that SPI is industry-relevant by having them express their interest to her directly.