Sony Pictures Television Becomes First to Launch Mobile Movie Network

gb_poster AT&T announced just a few days ago that they would begin offering its new MediaFLO-based mobile television service with the introduction of two new devices along with a variety of channels.  Two exclusive unannounced channels on the AT&T network were also going to be revealed at a later date and now one of them has just been launched: Sony Pictures Television. 

The studio announced just earlier today that they have signed a deal with AT&T and Qualcomm Inc. subsidiary, MediaFLO USA to begin offering content in May of this year.  Currently, it is unknown on what tier of service the customer will have to subscribe to for the Sony content.  More details are said to be available closer to the official launch. 

Labeled as the PIX channel, hit movies such as “Ghost Busters,” “Philadelphia” and “Stand by Me,” will be available for a month at a time with more films coming out on a weekly basis.  Other movies also being readied for the debut are “Momento,” “The Karate Kid,” “Layer Cake,” “Resident Evil,” and “Roxanne.”

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4 responses to “Sony Pictures Television Becomes First to Launch Mobile Movie Network”

  1. opie33

    UM, you know what. AT& take all your money T is not the first to have it movie rental channel. Sprint has had this for a long time now. Only reason Att is getting any spotlight on this is because of there new 3G network that is just now lauching. Sprint and I belive Verizon have been way ahead of ATT for a long time. Get off the band wagon and get a faster network ATT for peep sakes its 2008. Oh yeah and they only have it cause Sony came in.

  2. Christopher Price

    First, we aren’t on any bandwagon. If you tune into regularly, you’ll see our only bias is to the consumer.

    Second, what you stated is incorrect. Both Sprint and Verizon offer Movies on Demand services, for a fee. This service is a movie channel, which is different from video on demand. A movie channel is a much cheaper option, since it works like a traditional TV channel on AT&T’s Mobile TV service.

  3. opie33

    ok. i get the point. but i really dont think that att will let that channel go for free. thats what i was gettin too. my sorry to you man.

  4. Brandon Smith

    The article made it sound more like an on demand service than a TV channel that simply plays movies. I can see where the comment came from.