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2 responses to “Smartel Will (Still) Sell You 10GB of Rollover T-Mobile for $40, With a Catch”

  1. Tom S

    Oh, and these plans have the free international roaming too. I emailed them to ask.

    The signup form is pretty non-existent at the moment, they seem to have been totally unprepared for the change. The T-Mobile “pink” is now green on their site. T-Mobile seems to have gotten quite miffed at them.

    Anyways, it’s still a great deal if you want T-Mobile on the cheap, according to others (FW and elsewhere), tethering even works out of the data bucket – no phone hacking required.

    1. Christopher Price

      I’m not so sure. They definitely have free roaming in Mexico and Canada. But since roaming in other countries (data aside) is billed per minute, I’d try to confirm with T-Mobile first.