Sanyo Katana LX For Sprint Passes FCC Inspection

Sprint’s newest upcoming flip phone, the Sanyo Katana LX, has just appeared on the FCC’s website.


The Katana LX looks set to serve entry-level customers, as the filing indicates it is missing a camera. There is no microSD card slot present either, which suggests that the Katana LX will not be positioned as a music phone. The phone should come with support for Sprint’s Vision (1XRTT) network, but will not support their 3G PowerVision (EV-DO) data network. The Katana LX will be replacing the Sanyo Katana II, currently in Sprint’s lineup.

FCC Documentation for Katana LX

UPDATE: Official photographs of the device have indicated that an external display is in fact present, but is stylishly hidden from view when not illuminated.

9 responses to “Sanyo Katana LX For Sprint Passes FCC Inspection”

  1. randomperson

    What a waste of a phone.

  2. DJH

    How dumb. That it will be replacing the Katna 2? I am beginning to believe that sprint has monkeys working in there marketing department.

  3. Kenneth

    Sprint has a marketing department?

  4. Joel

    why would they take things away from this phone…like the camera, and caller id..for one the Katana 2’s camera sucks..but to take it away is wonder sanyo wants to sell their wireless division to kyocera they i have no idea what people want.

  5. ehhh

    well its a step in any direction at this point for sprint

  6. Joel

    Its a step backwards..espically since sprint is building the new wimax network.

  7. George

    It’s meant for an adult. I provide a phone for my mother-in-law. She has a PC. She has a digicam. She simply wants a reliable cell phone.

  8. tc1uscg

    It’s no wonder the company is going down the poop hole. Lets see, it will come in 3 colors. Silver, Black and Red.. Common Sprint. Your starting to become the Big Lots of the cell phone world.

  9. ali

    It actually has a display outside, its got a new sleek gloss cover that illuminates. I saw it on engadget.