Sanyo 5500 & Best Buy

Ok, so alot of people have been wondering whats going on with Best Buy and the Sanyo 5500/VM4500 since they are not going to cary the 7200/RL2000 & 5400/RL2500. Others have a broken phone and aren’t going to use the service plan untill it’s released, whatever your case heres all the info:

I looked into the Sanyo 5500/VM4500 at Best Buy. The sku is going to be 6186744. Accoring to the RSS System the New England area warehouses haven’t gotten them in yet, I don’t know about other areas though. The price is going to be $379.99 (duh ). But here is the fun one, the employee price is $259.99.

The phone is not out untill Dec 7 in best Buy stores (yes I know SPCS stores should have them by monday). If you join the Best Buy staff as seasonal your discount kicks in firsts day (hint, hint). Thats all from me for now.