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7 responses to “Samsung to Launch Android-Based Device for Sprint and T-Mobile Next Year”

  1. Michael Martin

    It would be smart if they kept an external keyboard like the G1 but have a MUCH longer battery life.

    ,Michael Martin

  2. Mazi

    Dear Don Hess, I am keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. This has to take place in Q1, with no forced Simply plan! When you the costumer, purchase a product, i.e. a Car, the manufacturer or dealer can not force you, the consumer, to be tied to a specific amount of usage or supplier of Gas, and force you to buy a specific type of Gas, they can suggest or advice, i.e. 87/89/91 grade of gas, your car will run with either choice, it will take you from A to B! Ultimately, it is/should be, your choice/right, how much driving/usage or parking/storing you do, but not force bundle services and or supplies! Ultimately in a free market economy, you the buyer/consumer could opt for a third party supplier to satisfy your needs based on your funds/budget. Android is one such product choice, hence to force and alianate the established core costumers to forgo their established plan/budget, in todays market economy, would be contradictory to the logic of business sence and the philosophy of an Android product! The question is, can Sprint afford further losses based on greed, or does it have the forsight, to be a real leader and change course, hence setting a higher industry standard for real customer service?! Yes, you have certainely vastly improved the C.S. experience level, on the phone and at the store level, still a lot of catching up to do, NOW, give us the Freedom (of) Choice, the ball is in your court, it would be a costly mistake to ignore this opportunity to fix this flaw! Thank you Sprint Customer since 1997

  3. Dan

    Mazi….why force something out before it is ready? This does not need to be released in Q1 it need to be released when it is ready. Sprint can not handle another half baked device. I hear it now…”why did they rush another phone before it was ready?” They do not need another Instinct on their hand. I do hope they do not have the plan requirement even though I have switch to the newer Talk/Text/Data shared plans that include everything but unlimited min. Unless you are on a Sero plan I do not see how any plan can compare but I understand how it looks when you are forced to switch plans to get the phone you want. Anyway I am happy to see the ball is mooving and Android will be on Sprint next year.

  4. celz

    look at all of the other carriers tmob isnt bad but there services are lacking the other two rape the customer and dont care they cripple features and one is even testings 3.5g speeds when the regular 3g doesnt even work right.. im glad im on sprint with sero and the forcing plan thing is dum but the two guys who are winning play the game alot more sleazy…

  5. Don Louie

    Hesse just wanted to make sure Sprint and Android would play nice with each other, with it on the Instinct that should make it an almost true competitor to the iphone

  6. Don Louie

    I am torn between this, the Pre and Bold. I have to make sure to wait on all

  7. Mazi

    I agree on the Omnia HD and Bold, both are elegant and even the Palm Pro, except for the glossy finish! On the Pre, i do not care for it for the following reasons: 1. Glossy Finish 2. New WebOS, no Flash?! 3. Portrait Keyboard 4. No virtual Horizontal KB 5. No Microsd or SD 6. 3 Meg Cam, in 2009 7. No Tv out or Pico Proj The finished Sprint version Pre, will be a better product to judge! Have fun waiting!