Samsung Releases Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Verizon i760

Samsung has released the previously announced Wndows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for its i760 smart device.

The update reflects the newest additions to the Windows Mobile operating system, such as threaded text messaging, bugfixes, and other unspecified changes. This release also marks the first in a series of Windows Mobile upgrades for current Verizon Wireless smart devices with the XV6800 and XV6900 expected to be upgraded sometime later this quarter.

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One response to “Samsung Releases Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Verizon i760”

  1. Clyde

    I have gone to a verizon corporate store & was told by their techs. that they couldn’t offer the free up-grade. Every time I try the Samsung & Verizon sites to down load the up-grade all I get is an error msg. box pop up. Why isn’t this free device up-grade being offered as an over the air down load. It sounds as though this 6.1 free patched up-grade may resolve issues I have w/t memory or would if I could actually get it down-loaded. Wish I had held onto my XV6800. I have gone thru the line up of Smart Phone Devices & each have issues, this has a possible free correction patch if only I could get it down-loaded.