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14 responses to “Samsung InstinctQ is now Moment, $179.99 on November 1st”

  1. jackson

    800 MHZ processor???

    This would be a first for an android device. How much ram?

  2. JJ

    Yeah that is a pretty fast processor. I think the hero is only 528 mhz. I wonder if I should wait for this before getting the hero? Although the htc sense looks promising. I guess we’ll see the reviews for this phone.

  3. jackson

    Forget the hero, that old qualcomm 528 mhz processor is already 2 years old. Sense will be easy to port on the samsung. You can thank the guys at xda in advance.

    I want to know the amount of ram and the exact type of processor. MHZ doesn’t tell the whole story. We need to know the make of the chip. My guess is, its a samsung based chip, maybe a cortex A9 like the iphone. Its only logical samsung would use their own chips.

  4. Don Louie

    Man I wish it had ptt, they wouldn’t have any hesitation getting my money with that

  5. Humberto Saabedra

    Qualcomm ARM-based MSM chipset for sure on the baseband/radio side, but it might have a Cortex core instead of the older 7200 series chipset for applications.

  6. JJ

    Let me guess, this will require an everything plan? I guess we’ll find out on the 11th if sprint was saying the right thing and will allow the hero on any plan with data on it.

  7. Nick

    I switched from SERO to Everything Data (don’t need unlimited minutes) and then called in and told them I work for Citigroup and got the 27% discount. I think my bill is about $10 higher, but I get Sprint Nav which I didn’t get before, so i guess it’s a wash.

    But it’s my understanding the only smartphones that don’t require an Everything plan are the Windows Mobile and the dumbphones. WebOS + Andorid + Instinct will require an Everything plan.

  8. F1

    @ Nick

    “… the only smartphones that don’t require an Everything plan are the Windows Mobile and the dumbphones. WebOS + Andorid + Instinct will require an Everything plan.”

    If that is the case, I will leave Sprint when the Iphone arrives at VZW
    as rumored in January, or maybe even attempt to import the phone to Sprint on my own, hence keeping my legacy 700 Fair & Flexible, with unlimited Text/Data/6pm/100min per $5….
    because to me Windows Mobile equals dumbphones, see below for reasoning:

    My Palm Pro 6.1: “A love Story”

    1.Calls 911 while locked on its own, out of my pocket!
    2.Downloads Sprint Music at random,while locked!
    3.Turns Phone “feature” off on its own, who needs a phone!!!
    4.Drains prematurely, again because it activates multiple tasks on its own.
    5.Nevermind the cheap smudge/scratch magnet shiny plastic design
    6.Camera needs minimum 5 seconds to activate, forget camcorder mode!
    7.Remember to “Soft Reset” every 3 days
    8.A Joke of a Phone book function
    9.Memory and Power starved, cumbersome and ancient OS

    Oh yes btw good thing it was designed by HTC for Palm, which now has dropped W.M. !

    Lotus 2?
    Review searches, will show that MicroSDHC over 8GB have a very high failure rate, either right at the beginning or some six months later.

    At last, I believe Sprint should purchase some high end featured, elegant CDMA “dumbphones” as an alternative for the remaining marketshare, btw these features do exist today or will exist soon!

    1.12 MP Camera (see $129 Casio Ex Z90 metal with 720 HD video!)
    2.Solar Charging caseback
    3.AMOLED touchscreen
    4.Metal/leather casings
    5.HDMI (see $240 Canon ELPH Digital)

    Thank You

  9. Don Louie

    F1, go ahead and leave for Verizon and pay way more whatever phone they sell. Suck it up, if you present your case to the rep in store or however you were planning on upgrading and there’s a good chance you can get a discount or just try the $60 EREP. Vote with your wallet, that’s where you’ll feel the effects of leaving the most

  10. F1

    @ Don Louie

    It is not about the money, I already can get a 20% dicount of my current plan or any Everything Plan,except for the $99 E.P.!

    The Sprint prices are very reasonable, I just would like a nice phone, and at this time there is no phone that I want, except for the iPhone 3GS, simply because it works and is fun, but AT&T is not my cup of tea!

    I just have to wait for a nice phone on Sprint or when and if the next iPhone 3GS arrives at VZW, and than cross that bridge in January, I am prepared to pay the toll (ETF) if need be.

    Thank You

  11. Don Louie

    Verizon has an on/off relationship with the iphone, that would be the CDMA network is the only one I would trust with that phone. The argument is that Sprint won’t allow legacy plans w/certain phones making you spend more even though you get a discount so it seems more about money than anything else. While this isn’t a SERO rant it is one that hasn’t caused Sprint to alter course so at the time being it is pretty much moot. You either want that 250, is that a fam plan, or the price. Either way they aren’t an option anymore, maybe you can get some bonus minutes too. At least your gripe has some merit, there’s a guy in the forums swearing he’s leaving because when eligible for an upgrade in May no phone will be activated w/o an Everything plan as told by reps in store, over the phone and thru echat

  12. bottomline

    I dont think anyone can argue the fact that Sprint is coming out with some great phones, not to mention great plans.

  13. F1

    There are two types of Sprint Cell “phone”-consumers:

    1. Smartphones:
    The selection as of now is in a transition period:
    Web O.S.(2)/Android (2)/RIM (1) and W.M.6.1 (4)

    2. Dumbphones:
    This is by far a more significant group of consumers,and yet, as of now, there is only 9 choices with most focusing on text messaging and or outdated designes/features or even forced E.P. for the nicer phones!

    Sprint needs to expand the entire line up for all demographics, not just for the 3 million E.P. accounts out of the total of 48 million current accounts!


    Yes, in theory, one could purchase any VZW phone, and have it flashed, but that would be a loss of further revenue for Sprint.

    Thank You

  14. Don Louie

    This guy will always have something to complain about, there are 3 smartphones requiring Everything plans with the Instinct line being the only non smartphones (they are well above dumbphones) requiring it because of all the features offered. I counted 20 non-qwerty phones, there’s only flip, candybar and slider and plenty to choose from