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2 responses to “RingPlus Returns 1GB Free Plan for Limited, 8th Time, Later Today – Nexus & iPhone Only”

  1. Sam

    Got mine! This is perfect for Nexus 5… A Snapdragon 800 phone that supports Sprint, has Marshmallow… Isn’t gigantic, and only $150 on fleabay!

  2. Tom S

    Same here, iPhone 5S inbound to RingPlus. With Wi-Fi, this is a viable plan to use as a daily driver. And, free.

    Checkout was easy – I didn’t want to port my number so I put in all 5’s, site didn’t complain. I did have to give my iPhone’s MEID/IMEI before being allowed to check out. Not sure if you could sneak in a non-Nexus/iPhone that uses a UCCID, but worth a try.