Review Policy

In accordance with the FTC’s new rules on the online media, we have posted this open letter to share with you our new policy on reviews.

Beginning in 2010, we are further emboldening our commitment to ensure all reviews are transacted on an even playing field. Previously, we already had implemented a policy of not purchasing devices for review, removing any concern that some devices were given for free, while some were sought out and purchased by

However, the FTC’s latest rulings have recommended that we take further action to ensure all devices are reviewed on exactly the same criteria. It is our goal that all devices are to be be received from companies and retained by We have no problem calling a bad device, a bad device, as many companies have learned over the years. For us, this is business as usual.

In the end, this is beneficial to you, the reader. We can now review devices over a longer period and follow their lifecycle through updates, modifications, tweaks, and all the other stuff that viewers like you are interested in.

This policy is meant to be flexible, in order to provide the most reviews possible. In some cases we may not strictly adhere to this policy, such as when dealing with pre-release or pre-production devices that are not yet available to the public. However, our goal and intent is to always maintain the same standards in reviewing products at, no matter how the cross our review desk.

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