Queefys Tip Sheet

Sprint sends a lot of memos to their employees. If most of them actually took the time to read these memos, then Sprint might be a better place. All the info is cleared to release to customers, yet Sprint can’t even get their own employees to read it.

Here’s a summary of some memos made available to Queefy that he is passing on to us. Hit the Read More button below to check them out. While none alone are earth-shattering, they as a whole are a good read.


The default “My Buddy” animation (the active, fun loving dog character on the display) will override other animations, such as the default lighthouse during “searching for service.” In order to activate other animations, “MY BUDDY” will have to be turned off. To do this, please navigate as follows: menu>settings>display>mybuddy>off.


We have been recieveing reports of Treo 600 users experienceing a variety of hardware issues such as,

1)Garbled and/or dead audio from earpiece,
2)Dead, low or distorted sound quality from the speakerphone,
3)poor and/or no audio with earbud use,
4)battery will not charge and/or hold a charge and
5)internal rattling.

We are currently investigateing these issues with Handspring to determine the root cause. If you should have a Treo 600 returned for any of these issues, assuming NO signs of customer abuse are found, please submit a report to phone feedback along with all the details that can be gathered from the user. We are also collecting sample unitsto test and recreate these issues so please be prepared to send us the affected units upon our request.

We have recieved a small number of reports that indicate that after properly programming the MDN and the MSID values in the Treo 600, the MSID value was not held and was reverted back to 0000000000. To date, we have been unable to recreate. in the event you should see a Treo 600 returned for this please attempt to recreate. if you are successful at recreateing, please hold the unit and submit a report to PHONE FEEDBACK…

Misinformation has been circulating around this… please correct any romors to the contrary. NO SPRINT PHONE LAUNCHED WITHOUT READYLINK CAPABILITY WILL BE UPGRADEABLE TO THIS FUNCTIONALITY….

PRL 10022 is scheduled for a national release in feburary 2004. This PRL is designed primarily for cost reduction and to expand the international roaming arena in Taiwan, Saipan, Peru, India, Honduras, Columbia and Nicaragua for new carriers that will be implemented in 2004.

As last reported in this publication on December 2nd, Sprint has been working on a new generation of text messageing useing the SMS standard. If there are no delays, the service is expected to begin testing next week in three markets: Kansas City, Columbus Ohio, columbia Missouri. If all goes well, the service will be rolling out to major markets quite soon thereafter, followed by all markets in the PCS coverage. While the service is in test, there could be some questions of customers or changes in the user experience until the service is fully launched, especially since Short Mail is still accessible on the two-way sms phones. Once the service is fully launches, the short mail link will be removed on the homepage of the new 2wsms- capible phones. We are currently working on an outline of complete scenarios for the customer as SMS rolls out, including billing ramifications during testing. stay tuned for more updates…

Most of our handsets going forward will support two-way SMS. Numerous handsets including the voice only Nokia 3588i, the Handspring Treo 600 and the Samsung A660 will launch prior the SMS service availibility but will have the SMS capability. Attempting to use the service before it has launched in a market net yet SMS-enabled will result in a explanatory “service coming soon” error message.