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3 responses to “Qualcomm Mobile Developer Platform Smartphone Now Up For Pre-Order”

  1. Patrik69

    Good god. Outrageous spec-Monster of a beast. I’m sure spontaneous uncontrollable nerdgasims are happening all over the interwebz.

  2. jared

    can I order one just cause i want it?
    Will it work with sprint?

  3. Christopher Price

    It’s quite likely that the phone doesn’t have a cellular radio – spec sheet lists only Bluetooth and 802.11ac – making it the most powerful PDA ever built.

    That said, hate to share some bad news… you probably can’t buy one.

    “This product can only be sold to approved companies developing for snapdragon processors”

    In other words, it’s only going to be sold to developers that Qualcomm approves.