Pulse Enables BlackBerry Modem, VPN Access

Pulse, which we have reported on previously, has finally been released. The application is the first to enable Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking on several BlackBerry devices. It also offers the first Mac Phone-As-Modem solution for the entire BlackBerry family.

However, Pulse is not without some strings attached. The application requires the use of a proxy server, or an independent application running on an internet-connected PC. This is due to the manner in which BlackBerry devices connect to the internet. The proxy application handles pushing internet traffic between the internet and the BlackBerry. Brain Murmurs (makers of Pulse) is offering the proxy for free, which is then installed onto your PC. Alternatively, they are offering their own proxy server for an additional fee.

In its first shipping release, Pulse has also added personal-to-small business VPN support. This enables BlackBerry devices to connect to smaller networks without the need for a full corporate RIM BlackBerry server.

Pulse is available for $50 per unit. Future versions plan to add additional features such as USB support (for maximizing EV-DO connection speeds).