Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, we respect your privacy. Really, we do. So, here are some simple things that we’re outlining to make clear how we do that.

1) We won’t sell your email. Nobody outside of and its web site(s) will buy your email. If we ever change that (which isn’t likely), we’ll send you an email to let you know and explain how to easily opt-out.

2) We use internet cookies. This are feature-enrichments aimed at making your experience on better. These help you stay logged in between visits to the forums, or posting comments on the news. We also use cookies to provide anonymous data that helps us better understand how people use our site.

3) Confidentiality. It’s an important part of our news coverage. If you request in an email (or any form of message) that you want the communication to be treated as confidential… we will do everything within reason and our power to keep it confidential. We must abide by federal and state law. However, such laws also generally protect the information you send to us, as we are a member of the media.

We’ve stared down the threat of bankruptcy (both personally and with our business) to protect sources already. We’re happy to do it again.

4) Emails to you. By registering to our forums or other online functions, your email address may be used internally to send you a newsletter, or other announcements. We offer an opt-out option at the bottom of these newsletters. So, if you don’t want to receive these, just opt-out on the first newsletter we send to you. A simple opt-out process will be at the bottom of each email.

We strive to make sure that people who do not want to receive email from us, don’t.

5) Advertisers. Many of our advertisers also use tracking cookies. Their privacy policies differ, and unfortunately, we cannot list all the advertisers that we use. We are, however, working to implement Do Not Track, which is a standard gaining broad acceptance. Most of the advertisers on that employ tracking cookies, have already embraced Do Not Track. We are working to ensure all advertisers on embrace Do Not Track.

Have additional questions? Contact us. While we may not respond to every email individually, we work hard to take your concerns into account. Your feedback helps make even better.

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