Pictures of Sprint CDMA BlackBerry Curve Released

An initial report back in February included photos of a CDMA Curve but just yesterday, unofficial photos a titanium colored Blackberry 8330 were released into the wild clearly depicting Sprint’s startup logo as well as Sprint’s mobile website. An interesting observation reveals that the CDMA version is slated to have slightly more memory than its GSM cousin bringing it to 80MB of internal memory. Official specifications have not been released but we can expect a similar set of features found on the GSM variant.

The reported release date of this device varies from an April release to a mid-June launch. Stay tuned to pending its official announcement.


Pictures courtesy of BGR

13 responses to “Pictures of Sprint CDMA BlackBerry Curve Released”

  1. don

    Does anyone know if this phone will support rev a? If not i wouldnt consider trading it in for my touch!

  2. Mustang46L

    Just for all who are curious, the official launch date is 4/16/2008.

  3. Dan

    it will NOT support Rev A. When a BB comes out with CDMA PTT then that will be a Rev A device

  4. Dan

    And the Rev A device is the one I will get to replace my Black Berry 8830 (if I decide to replace it — love this phone)

  5. randomrandom

    I don’t care to have PTT, I’d just want the rev-A. I’ve seen no indication that the Curve will have rev-A, though.

  6. Mike

    hello guys i have a great news for you all Blackberry curve is coming out on SPRINT on 04/17/2008 how do i know? I work for sprint and its allready on our new dvice lunch book 🙂

  7. tc1uscg

    Great.. not another bb device. Now I can have a different flavor for each pocket. 🙁

  8. nuttyp

    so will I have to sign up for a BB plan if I really just want it for its functionality? I want the internet too, but I’m not going to be using the email functionality because I’ll just be using Gmail. Anyone?

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  11. FONZO

    new with the blackberry curve for sprint…im not able to find out the way to send picture messages…does any1 know…if so let me know


  12. FONZO

    does anyone know how to send picture messages on the curve for sprint?