Photos & Details: CTIA Day One

Details you won’t find anywhere else. New Sprint phones you’ve never seen before. The most important part of our CTIA coverage, Read More.

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(Note: Click on the images for viewing in high-definition)
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Samsung clearly had the most advertising at the show. “If Samsung spent half the money it spent on advertising on… ” is a quote many will probably associate with the mass media. From Stardust building-wide ads, to inflatable A900s sitting outside the expo, Samsung made their presence well known.

The Samsung ZX20

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson did not announce any new products. The W41S did make an appearance as a Japanese handset (that’s what we call “progress” when it comes to SE CDMA). The HBH-610 will also have a shell refresh for durability, the HBH-610a.

Sprint did not have any significant new offerings on display. They did demonstrate their EV-DO Revision A PC Cards, as seen in the product packaging below (click to zoom). We should note that the boxes for all Revision A cards were pulled later in the day due in part to “reporters like us”. The USB EV-DO Card by Franklin was not on display. Also on display was the upcoming Motorola i580, a ruggedized version of the i870.

Nokia (who won the award for biggest block-lettering logo) had on display the 6165 and 6175, both upcoming phones for Sprint. They also showed off the 6265, which many had thought to be cancelled due to the lack of a launch in the first quarter.

Ah, the good old FCC, home of slow Gullfoss servers and miles of paper trail…

UTStarcom actually had the most new things on display of any vendor at the expo. Not one, but two never-before-seen Sprint phones. The UTStarcom CDM120SP will be the replacement for the CDM105 and continue UTStarcom’s place in Sprint’s voice-only lineup. The CDM220SP is a basic camera phone, modeled after the LG 225 and Samsung A840.

UTStarcom also bolstered its comitment to importing phones with Casio’s G’zOne phones prominently on display (along with Japanese imported jumbo phone models). UTStarcom’s importing of W21 phones opens significant doors in bringing KDDI phones directly to the United States with minimal modification. UTStarcom’s networking division also showed their cell-tower-in-a-hummer.

The Morons of The Show

Motorola decided that they do not want photographs. We never understand this logic, so this ends our coverage of Motorola for the expo. Unfortunately, LG took a similar tact, and we are ceasing our coverage of LG as well. It costs money to cover these expos, when they do not give us access, PCS Intel has no choice but to deny them coverage.