Phones Section Updated *Updated Again*

Update 2 (1/14): Made a couple of corrections tonight (Toshiba/Audiovox 9550/VM4050 is not yet on sale, held up due to a software bug), and updated the Sanyo 8100 page.

The Phones Section has received a lot of updates:

Added Audiovox PPC 5050
Added LG VI5225
Added PhoneScoop links for several unreleased phones
Added Samsung A660/VI660 Page
Added Samsung A700 (yes, A700, more details soon)
Added Sanyo 5400/RL2500 Page
Added Sanyo 5500/VM4500 Page
Added Sanyo 7200/RL2000 Page
Added Sanyo 7300
Added SonyEricsson T608 Page
Re-added Nokia 6585
Removed Nokia 6225
Update: Updated Hitachi G1000 Page
Updated LG LX-5450
Update: Updated Toshiba 2032SP Page