Maintenance Mode & The Power of Anonymous

phonenews-com-iconFor the past 12 years, has been a traditional blog. We’re getting a little more ambitious with our relaunch, read on to see what’s changing.

Anonymous has been a revolution in the world. From pioneering sites like 4Chan to apps like Whisper, anonymous technology and media has changed how people interact.

One big challenge facing bloggers today, is the backlash. You can’t say the truth, because some PR person will beat you over the head for it. Or you don’t want those opinions linked to your LinkedIn profile. Or you are afraid that some future blogging post will affect you for the statements you say on your last blog.

All of this is bad. Let’s face it. Most telecom journalists don’t stay journalists. They move on to other jobs inside the telecom industry. With social media, they’re now afraid of their words being called up and smacked upon them years down the road.

What it hurts is your ability to get the best insights and the most unbiased opinions possible.

Going forward, when we relaunch, will be completely anonymous. We’ll vet the writers and make them sign agreements that they aren’t representing the brands or companies that they’re writing about. Then, we’ll let everyone write. People in the industry that probably want to write articles – but can’t, because of fear of reprisal.

Our goal, combined with a complete restyle – flanked with a convoy of apps, is to make a new force in the mobile media.

We have to admit, we don’t know how this will play out. It could be fun. It could be a huge mess. We’ll see.

For the next 90 days, it’s business as usual. Well, almost. We’re not going to compete with the big box blogs. Instead, we’re going to focus on the two-or-three news items of the day that they all missed out on. Staff articles are typically in-depth articles. These are articles that involve multiple, and at times, several staff members who each contribute to the hard-hitting coverage that we deliver here.