Phone Encyclopedia: Now Most Detailed Phone Resource Ever

This weekend, we’ve completed a major accomplishment with the our new Phone Encyclopedia. The comprehensive resource has been expanded to providing detailed specifications on every phone that works in America. Every last one.

This is a key milestone in the completion of developing the Phone Encyclopedia. Now, we need your help to bring the Phone Encyclopedia out of beta. There are a few ways you can help make the Phone Encyclopedia the best phone resource on the web.

1) Link to it! This is really, really simple. Go onto the Phone Encyclopedia, find your favorite phone, and put a link to that page on your blog, web site, even a signature on other forums. We need people to start linking to these pages so that others can find them and benefit from their existence.

2) Help add information. Now that we have a basic framework, anyone can edit the Phone Encyclopedia. The process is painless… at the bottom of almost every page, there’s a little Edit link you can click, and just start adding information. We’ve put up placeholders for you to share everything from updates and downloads, to tips, tricks, and even hacks for every phone in America.

3) Fix errors where you see them. Similar to the point above, if you see an error… either fix it, or let us know about it. Obviously we’d prefer that you fix it yourself (using that same Edit link described above), but if you’re a bit timid about editing web pages in real-time, send us a note and we’ll take a look as soon as we can.

The Phone Encyclopedia is still in beta, and we have a few more features to roll out, we hope to kick off 2008 with a finished product that will be integrated into the rest of Phone Encyclopedia

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