Patent Battles Continue Between Nokia and Qualcomm

The legal battles continue between Nokia and Qualcomm despite showing
the world otherwise since the Nokia fallout
, attempts
at reconciliation
, and avoiding
the issues altogether

Nokia has filed legal motions to
Qualcomm’s patent rights exhausted in Europe, specifically chipsets
produced under a patent sharing agreement with Texas Instruments known
as the Patent Portfolio License. Nokia had invested $30 billion dollars
in research and development during the nineties, culminating in the
development of technologies such as WCDMA, UMTS and GSM, as well as
having one of the largest wireless patent portfolios.

If the claims are successful, Qualcomm would cease to have the right to
exercise their respective patents to the aforementioned standards in
Europe. The claims were filed in the Regional Court of Mannheim in
and the Hague District Court in the Netherlands.
This comes as the deadline for the current licensing agreement between
both companies is set to expire in April with (still) no resolution in