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4 responses to “Palm to Focus on webOS, Halts Windows Mobile Sales and Development”

  1. RonaldVegan

    Your use of “bespoke” as an adjective is interesting. What does it mean here exactly? The only dictionary definitions I can find of that word as an adjective indicate that it means either 1) something custom-made (e.g. clothes), or 2) engaged to be married.

  2. F1

    What a great time to sign up with my Palm Pro!! lol

    Palm’s excuse, not to upgrade WM 6.1=Garbage!!
    Pre sales by all reports have not lived up to the hype, hence I predict Palm will be out of business in less then 2 years, max!

    Thank You

  3. JJ

    Yeah. Palm needs to focus on coming out with at least 3-4 new devices in the next 2 years and keep perfecting webos. I think they have a shot at competing with iphone and android. But they have to step it up. With htc focusing on android and apple working on making iphone even better its going to be a tough road. Not to mention stop forcing people into special plans to get into one of their phones. Thats the reason I don’t have the pre. Well see what happens.

  4. Duker

    I tried the HTC Touch Pro 2 with windows mobile and the Palm OS blows it away!