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2 responses to “Palm Releases Voice Dialing Update for Sprint Treo 800w”

  1. Fartin' Martin

    I work in one of Sprint’s corporate retail stores and carry the Palm Treo 800w. I can tell you this people…this software upgrade DOES NOT work (at least it didn’t for me)! I followed the directions at Palm’s website for the 800w update each of the three ways they listed and even did a HARD RESET after each failed update. Now I can see why Palm’s stock and earnings are doing so poorly. It is hard to recommend a company’s product which has minor to major flaws at the time of launch. Nothing would please me more than to see Microsoft successfully acquire Palm in a hostile takeover.

  2. Kenneth

    I just started “back” at a corporate Sprint store. I thought the same thing and did the same things, but when the update has installed and the phone has powercycled press and hold the talk button on your bluetooth. Then watch for a little microphone to appear at the top to right of the “Start”. It works very well.