Palm Pre to Be Available In-Store Only Tomorrow, No Word on Online Sales (Updated)

Sprint has silently amended plans to carry the Palm Pre online due to inventory constraints, with employees now being told to direct customers to store locations as there is no timetable for online availability at this time.

This follows plans to host launch parties , with stores holding early 8AM openings on Saturday for new and current non-Premier customers.  Further confirmation of the delayed online launch is also present in a promotional email sent out by Sprint earlier today, which makes mention of the store locator, but not the online store itself.

Update: Sprint has confirmed that Pre launch parties for Premier customers will go on as scheduled tonight.

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16 responses to “Palm Pre to Be Available In-Store Only Tomorrow, No Word on Online Sales (Updated)”

  1. JJ

    Lets see how many of the pre’s sell with them forcing the everything plan. Hopefully it goes well for them.

  2. mike

    Here we go again with the complaining of the everything plan!!!!

  3. mike

    I am sorry, but i don’t see how anyone can complain about having to get the everything plan. It’s cheaper than any of the other competitors plan for these types of phones (iphone, g1, storm). Sprint is not forcing anybody to do anything, you still have a choice……you can get the everything plan and get the pre, like most people will do or you can sit at home and be upset with your super cheap grandfathered plan knowing that you aren’t going to go to another carrier because it’s more expensive.

  4. Ceekay

    I love the everything plan…. It’s nicely priced.

  5. Marie

    I like sprints everything plan. I now have att but only because I talk to an att customer more. I liked being able to play around on my sprint phone without being charged extra for everything such as TV, Radio, and navigator. With att you just get to try out all of their features and then you have to pay extra for every little thing after you are already paying more for the cheapest plan. Plus I am always losing calls and I live in Fort Worth TX. I hate att. I can’t wait to go back to sprint.

  6. CR

    Everyone has their own opinions. We live in America the Free. The everything plan is an awesome plan and when you compare it to a comparable plan from other cell companies sprint beats them hands down. But like its been said before one plan doesn’t fit everyone. Again we will all see how it goes once everything is said and done. All we have to do is wait.

  7. Jeff

    I believe that the Palm Pre will sale very well in the begining. Once all of the people who must have the lastest and greatest and others who have been holding out to get the Palm Pre finally have a Palm Pre Sprint may have to rethink things. If you are a new Sprint customer coming from a competitor yes the everything plans are the best deal out there but as for current sprint customers on legacy plans that are a much better deal than the everything plans its hard to say if sprint will add some flexibility for people under those circumstances. AT&T changed their tune after the iPhone was released after a couple of months and started allowing customers with old grandfathered calling plans to just add a $30/month data package for the iPhone on their existing legacy plans for the line(s) that were being upgraded to an iPhone. It would be nice if Sprint followed this example to help boost their sales on the Palm Pre once all of the initial demand starts tampering off for the Palm Pre.

  8. Christopher Price

    It’s a simple set of questions people:

    Do you prefer Slingbox or Sprint TV? Is it worth $10/month of equity?
    Do you prefer Google Maps GPS or Sprint Navigation? Is it worth $10/month of equity?
    Do you prefer supported tethering or unsupported tethering? Is it worth $15/month of equity (added on)?
    Do you prefer Pandora or Sprint Radio? How much is the cost difference worth there?
    Do you rarely text message, or frequently text message? How much is the cost difference between the two?

    For many, the answer will be the former, and the Everything plan is a bad value for them. For many the answer will be the latter, and the Everything plan is a great value for them.

    For most though, they are going to pick a mix of the answers. You’re going to have to decide for yourself if you like the Everything plan.

    The only thing we’ve said on the editorial side of, is that the most tech-savvy customers tend to answer in ways that make the Everything plan less of a value, and that will mean less of those very important people… will go for the Pre on Everything Plan Hostage Termsâ„¢.

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  10. Scott Spooner

    todays the day and yet no phone! Vermont must have been missed. None of the stores here have the Pre. What a joke! They should have taken preorders with cash down…

  11. JJ

    So far some great reviews on the pre. They really need to allow tethering. Iphone is coming out with a new update and a new phone. If they add tethering before the touch pro 2 comes out I might get the pre.

  12. SJ

    I am ready to move from AT&T, but not without my Slingbox.

  13. JJ

    I just came from a sprint store and trying out the Pre. It is awesome!!! The card feature works flawlessly. I was able to run about 5 different programs at one time. The internet is the fastest I have ever seen on any smartphone. The google maps loads really fast. It works just as smooth as the iphone or even better. The only thing is the programs took a little bit longer than I hoped to open up. Maybe its just the floor model that does it since it wouldn’t close a demo feature that was on the phone. So far I am very impressed with the pre after my 30 mintue trial with it. PLEASE SPRINT, HURRY UP WITH THE TETHERING!!

  14. Don Louie

    JJ, are you softening your stance on the plan change? My BM is loving her’s, for now you guys will have to either bite the bullet and change (SERO will be moved to Everything Plus), telling the store rep your reluctance to change plans may even net you a recurring discount. I got bumped to 27%, that was because I was interested in the MiFi, which I got. Heck, Account Services will probably do the same, maybe not as much but I was already at 20%.

  15. David

    I am a Sprint Premier customer and didn’t get an invite to any events on the 5th or even notification that they were open early. Bogus!! No I am on a waiting list with all the others…

  16. jj

    Hey guys. I just checked the sprint site through my job discount and they were letting me order pre online and keep my existing plan. Ofcourse i never checked out but it looks like it would have worked. Has anyone else tried it? If tethering is activated i will finish the transaction and try to buy it with my sero plan. Again, i tried it through my business discount site.