Palm Launches Unlocked GSM Centro

Palm has announced in a press release today that it has launched an unlocked version of the wildly popular smart device with the additional pending launch of Google Maps for Mobile enhanced with My Location cell tower triangulation which will be available tomorrow as a free download.

This opens up yet another lucrative market for the device such as T-Mobile customers, or customers on prepaid GSM services that do not desire to sign a service agreement thanks to its QVGA touch screen display quadband GSM/EDGE radio, Bluetooth, media player, Blazer web browser, microSDHC expansion slot, QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera with video recorder, and speakerphone.

The device is now available directly from Palm for $299.99, which is the lowest retail price for a Palm smart device with a cellular radio. 

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2 responses to “Palm Launches Unlocked GSM Centro”

  1. MarkR

    Sprint users will not be getting the My location feature today. Later this summer! Is this tied to the firmware rumored to be release soon??

  2. Ivan

    Uhmm… why is Sprint behind on getting the upgrade? It was the first to get the Centro, so wouldn’t it be smarter for Palm to appease Spint customers?