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3 responses to “Palm Issues Bluetooth Patch for Treo Pro”

  1. Kenneth

    Seems like Palm is releasing more updates for the 800w and Pro than all of it’s Palm OS handsets combined.

  2. Christopher Price

    That’s both due to that Palm is selling more Windows Mobile than Garnet OS devices, and the fact that HTC helps ODM all the Windows Mobile phones… and HTC already has to make the updates for their own devices, so Palm gets them as well to cook into a new update.

    Until (and really, if) Palm OS II comes out, we’re not going to see that change. Palm is well aware that Garnet OS cannot be used on anything except budget devices (hence, the success of Centro).

  3. almostalwayson

    We are … well, …okay, ‘me’ are counting on you to confirm the viability of the CDMA Treo 850, and its subsequent release.