Palm Introduces Low-End Treo 680

Palm today formally announced the Treo 680. The Treo 680 is a low-end Treo, which is largely a form-factor improvement over the Treo 650. The Palm OS will continue to be used on the device, and will be aimed at first-time PDA and first-time Treo owners. Because of this target audience, the Treo 680 will come in four colors; Arctic, Copper, Crimson, and Graphite.

Unlike the Treo 650 however, Palm has only announced the Treo 680 for GSM. This indicates that Palm is content with deferring to their 700P on the CDMA platform. Like the 680 on GSM, the 700P is exclusive to the CDMA platform. PCS Intel has reported previously that Cingular plans to carry the device.

Treo 680 Product Page
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