Palm Inc. Announces Foleo Mobile Companion

The Palm Foleo has been announced by Palm.

The Foleo is meant as a
companion device to the Treo series of smartphones
(650/680/700p/w/wx/750/755p) for editing
and creation of email and other documents as well as surfing
the web through a paired Bluetooth connection or WiFi.

The device has a large 10″ widescreen, 3.5mm headphone jack, video out
jack, and SD card slot for memory expansion as well as s full-size
keyboard resembling a small laptop with edits appearing automatically
on the smartphone after being done on the Foleo while featuring a
button for instant synching of information between it and the
smartphone to maintain consistency throughout the day.

The Foleo is the first to be based on Palm’s new Linux platform with
PDF, Excel, and Word document editors and viewers, Opera web browser,
and instant on functionality with a claimed 5 hour runtime. The device
is set for release later this summer at an introductory price of $499
after $100 rebate.

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