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14 responses to “Palm Confirms Sprint Treo Pro Launch Date (Updated)”

  1. M-Jym

    So what’s the full retail price without rebates or contracts?

  2. Joe

    Is there anyway to flash this with the PalmOS? It would be killer then…WM is a BIG meh…

  3. JJ

    Palm OS is an antiquated os. That’s why they came out with the new os for the pre. I hope the treo pro is upgradeable to 6.5. I might get this phone for my wife. But as for me, i’m waiting for the Pre.

  4. Don Louie

    Some people just don’t want to give up the what they’re familiar with

  5. stewped

    whats up now humberto? who’s yo daddy? told you it’d be 15th and your whole “Memory at 40%” line of BULL was nothing but pure speculation. thanks for posting facts for once.

  6. Humberto Saabedra

    Stewped, I was posting facts this whole time. Were you too busy failing at trolling? Did you even read my comment in the last Treo Pro article?.

  7. Joe

    @J.J. and Don Louie

    PalmOS is antiquated?? Um, ok I will give you that it is OLD, and that WebOS looks killer. But antiquated? Come on. I will take a Palm Centro with PalmOS than ANY Windows Mobile phone…for one reason and one reason only…functionality.

    WM is utter garbage. The only usable WM phone is the HTC Touch Pro…but even then…MEEEEH.

    And I’m not a WM hater…I am a phone lover. I currently own the iPhone, Blackberry 8830, G1, and Palm Centro. Over the past year I have gone through the 3 WM phones (XV6700 pocket pc, XV6900, and the Omnia).

    Come on, it’s not that I don’t wanna give up what I’m familiar with…it’s just that WM stinks. In my opinion, the Treo Pro would be MUCH better off if it came flashed with PalmOS rather than WM (from a consumer standpoint…from a business standpoint..if you don’t use WM or Blackberry OS…you are stupid).

  8. JJ

    @ Joe,
    Maybe you just need to learn how to us WM. I understans you not liking wm 5 but when 6 and 6.1 came out it totally changed wm for the better. I admit iphone os is smoother and more sophisticated than wm but being on att handicaps the iphone from working at its full potential. I dont know how palm os is better than wm when not one palm os phone has built in gps plus you cant play any type of video file on palm right out of the box like you can on wm not to mention all the cab files and registry edits you can do on wm. But then again palm os has “better functionality than wm”.

  9. Don Louie

    I’m not familiar with either of them so when I adopt WebOS I won’t do any trashing of anything was just saying people like what they like

  10. Joe

    @JJ…I know plenty how to use WM. As a freaking phone, the PalmOS does the job better than WM. Hence, more functionality. When I wanna get an IM, or an email, or a txt message, the PalmOS does it better, faster, cleaner, and more user friendly. Built in GPS? I don’t know about many but I have NEVER functionally used the GPS functionality on a phone..there just is not enough receivers in the phone to make it worth while. In any case, I’ll give it to you that there have been no Palms (with the exception of the Treo Pro) that have had GPS…but on that note, that encompasses all palms, ones with PalmOS and WM.

    You mention cab files and registry values……I am not talking about that sort of functionality…that stuff goes great on a COMPUTER….but for a phone…it is not necessary, smart phone or not. I’ll take a threaded SMS prog out of the box than the ability to change reg values.

  11. JJ

    If you just want a phone then just get a regular flip phone. Who gets a smartphone just to use the phone feature? The smartphone is made to be used as a mini computer. Cab files and registry edits sure arent necessary but they sure make a phone more useful. Maybe smartphones arent your thing. Just get a rzr or something similar if you just want a phone for phone calls only. Also windows 6.1 has threaded texting. Thats not just a palm feature. Like i said, you might want to do a little more research on what smartphones are mostly used for. And what are you talking about not enough receivers on a phone for GPS? I dont understand what you mean by that.

  12. Joe

    Hey Dumby…why argue with someone if you aren’t going to even listen to what their points are?

    1. Stop being a little fanboy and read what I typed. Who gets a smart phone to use the phone features???????????????? HMMMMMM…why would I want ease of use for the BASICS with a smart phone? Yes, smartphones are packed with very useful features, whether it be a PalmOS, WM, OSX, Blacberry, or Android op system. And did I say that PalmOS is a better smartphone?? NO! I said that it is a better PHONE. First and foremost it should function as a phone with basic cell phone features, and PalmOS does it better than WM.

    And going along with what you are saying…if I should just get a regular flip phone because I love ease of use, then you should just get a netbook if you want a mini computer. Then you can go crazy with all your registry edits.

    2. Again, about the SMS threading, read what I freakin wrote. I said I would rather have an OUT OF THE BOX (I am capitalizing so you will actually read it this time) first party threaded program. Albeit I haven’t used 6.1…I gave up after 6.0, but if it took big MS this long to do it, clearly they weren’t thinking. I was just using an example. Interesting:

    Notice what the dude references at around 0:33. PALM OS. HA. Just goes to show that Palm does the PHONE aspect better…which is what I’m saying. And I never said it was just a palm feature btw.

    3. GPS. Usually a good GPS will pick up about 15 different satellites and triangulate your position based on that. Most cell phones don’t have the receivers to pick up these many satellites (my experience was with Garmin Mobile and the Omniia). It was awful.

  13. JJ

    Hey Joe, very mature. I’m just stating an opinion and getting input from other people to learn new things. But I guess we’re just acting like little kids with name calling here.

    I also guess that WM 6.1 having threaded messaging isn’t OUT OF THE BOX. “It just comes built in”.

    Plus are you really saying that if you want a pda phone for its laptop functions you should just get a laptop? Are you serious? People get PDA phones so they don’t carry a hunky laptop and ease of use compared to a laptop. But I guess there is no reason why cell phone companies are requiring a data plan, because people just want pda phones for their phone features. They don’t want it for their ability to run word processing programs, have HTML Browser, watch live tv, have WIFI, have email at your fingertips, run hundreds of programs and not have to carry a laptop.
    But then again everybody just WANTS A CELL PHONE JUST FOR TALKING.
    Welcome to the modern AGE!

    Plus you say that cell phones only use a minimum amount of satellites and don’t work as efficient as regular gps systems. I guess that’s why VZ navigator got voted Best portable GPS by consumer reports because it only picks up a few satellites. Your right! Thats why.

    It would be a good idea to do some research on the features of these devices and user feedback that shows what people really want in a pda phone, not just what one persons opinion is on only using a pda phone for its phone features and throwing all other features out the window.

    If you wish to reply to this then go ahead. At this point I’ll just continue using my treo and my htc touch for more than just its phone features and continue to have GPS, INSTANT MAIL, HIGH SPEED INTERNET AND WORD PROCESSING ABILITIES all in one small unit and not have to carry a laptop with me. But that is just my OPINION. Have a nice day.

  14. me

    very interesting..i guess he decided not to reply…both parties have good points, but after all is said and done, jj won..sorry joe, but great job on having the link there…i didnt click it, but its nice that its there!! Smart Phones are the SHIT!!!