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11 responses to “PagePlus Debuts $39.95 Flat-Rate Service with Text+Data”

  1. Bob

    Any Verizon handset with a clean ESN can be activated on PagePlus.

  2. flower power

    Hi all,

    Some questions…
    Page Plus states that any unlocked cdma phone can be used (I assume with a clean esn).
    I have some old sprint phones. What is involved in unlocking them ?
    Is it knowing the msl or is it something else being cleared (perhaps with the use of qpst) ?


  3. Christopher Price

    Unlocking a Sprint phone isn’t easy, typically. Unlocking them for data (beyond SMS) is very difficult, and often impossible (either because too few people have attempted/worked on it, or because of firmware-coded restrictions).

    My advice: Unless you’re earning $1/hour, it’s probably going to save you money to buy a Verizon-branded phone, and use that on Page Plus.

  4. ernie

    can u use a motorola razor phone

  5. ashley

    I am currently switching my phone to page plus but I was told that picture msg is not included in the unlimited text? and can anyone let me know more about the web? thank you

  6. Lorna

    I often utilize 411 information service. How much would it cost to add on this service monthly for approximately 20 usage a month?

  7. Lorna Bledsoe

    I often utilize 411 information service regularly. How much would it cost to add on this service monthly for approximately 20 attempts/calls a month?

  8. bob

    use 800 free 411

  9. Jimmy

    Can anyone explain thes codes for me?
    (MMS, RBT, BREW)

  10. new jersey man

    Wow, 40$ is a great deal for unlimited texts and min, but I do have one question. What kind of reception does this service offer(what network doea it run on)? I have a straight talk phone from walmart and pay 45$ but it runs on the Verizon network which is the best quality recption network. I also get unlimited minutes, texting, and web browsing.

  11. joann hayes

    I am cut off and I do not know why. I purschased phone plan on july 3th for 29.95, and I don”t beleive I have used up 1200 minutes.