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4 responses to “Opera Mobile Announces Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile”

  1. celz

    works great

  2. After Forever

    I find that this beta is much slower than the released version that comes on my HTC Pro2. Not liking this beta at all.
    You can not scroll web pages if the on-screen keyboard is displayed.
    Once zoomed into a page, scrolling is more difficult. Meaning, try scrolling up and down and the screen moves to the right/left also.

  3. celz

    it is beta.. its not quite as solid as the 9 series but it has new features..

  4. RonaldVegan

    Looks nice, and the page icons for the bookmarks are cool. But the bottom left and right icons that remain visible even in full page view are annoying … as is the fact that in the Windows Mobile version, the only way to return to the Start menu – so far as I can tell – is to close Opera.