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6 responses to “Novatel Mi-Fi Rips Off Our iPod touch Trick”

  1. Daniel H.

    I’d do this for $10/month, maybe even $15. Pandora in the car through my iPod Touch would be the hotness!

  2. Jeff

    I wouldn’t call it ripping off. WMWifirouter has been around for a while. Also, people were using stand-along batteries to power a Cradlepoint 3G router. After that, Cradlepoint offered a battery powered 3G router.

  3. mongle

    I will tell you one thing:

    the 3g data plans from ANY company are a complete joke. 5 gb limit? that is not internet.

    the pure, extremely expensive, data plans on the other hand (for cards) are worth the money.

    my cable connection costs me 56 a month plus taxes.

    if you can get me a wireless connection with similar (not equal) speeds, I would be willing to pay more. as long as there is no limit.

    and finally: no one will use the Mi-Fi for a phone or a PDA. they will be using it for their laptop.

    that is what it is for. it is not for checking email and the weather.

    it is for watching streaming movies on a machine that can actually produce high quality sound and video.

    it is for playing multiplayer games.

    it is for downloading “small” (on the order of 100 mbs) files.

    this cannot be done with a PDA phone/3g phone wifi connection.

    why? becuase it may be fast comming down, but it is not fast between the phone and the computer/pda. eg: the bottleneck is on YOUR side.

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  5. Curious

    Once OS 3.0 comes out and ipod touch Bluetooth is enabled, will it ever be possible to use the Bluetooth to piggyback off a verizon phone and connect to the internet using the phones 3g?