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7 responses to “Novatel Announces GSM MiFi 2372 with US 3G Support, Novatel Developer Lounge”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Will this take a SIM card or will it have the SIM card built in?

  2. Christopher Price

    The GSM/UMTS version has a SIM slot.

  3. SaltyDawg

    Sweet, so what would I have to do to make it work with my existing plan? Or should it theoretically work with my SIM card and my PDA data plan?

  4. Christopher Price

    Assuming AT&T picks it up, I doubt they would do anything to the firmware to make it different from an aircard. And, you can force an aircard to work with your plan by making it go through the wap.cingular APN.

    Worst-case you would have to buy an unbranded one direct from Novatel… but I doubt that it will come to that.

    I see nothing to indicate that a savvy user won’t be able to change the APN, and surf from a standard AT&T plan (or a dedicated add-a-line with unlimited data added on).

  5. Duker

    These are very cool. I have the MiFi from Sprint, works great.

  6. Glen

    Port forwarding UDP permissions?
    When I go to router settings to configure for udp on mifi 2372 I am able to enter a description and check the port but when I click the port an overlay window does not open to allow the udp or tcp port configuration.
    I do see a message “javascript:showport(port #) but the window does not open?
    I suspected java open troubles in browser but configured all browsers for java and have java updates?
    I even tried google chrome that is suppose to not have java issues? Same trouble above with all browsers.

    Please post a note of how this option should work? Looks straight forward in mifi 2372 users guide.

    Thank you

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