Nokia Updates N95-4

Following up on the quiet launch of new firmware for the N95-3 slider, Nokia has also rolled out firmware 20.2.005 for the 8GB version.

It is not clear what exactly has improved as many users are reporting minor changes such as faster response times, new application functionality, and the addition of Chinese script support on top of other minor changes now being thought as a way to bring the device in line with the N95-3 in terms of firmware versions. The N95-4 originally featured all of the improvements found in the new N95-3 firmware.

As always, we advise everyone with the device to update regardless of the absence of requested features or major changes.

Firmware Tracker Updated

Encyclopedia: Nokia N95-4

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5 responses to “Nokia Updates N95-4”

  1. MrWilson

    Hi all, i have recently updated my n95-8 GB RM-421 successfully, but the web browser does not work at all. the secreen flicks and comes back to menu where i have tried to run it. Anyone has the same problem with the new firmware?
    My *#0000# results are:
    Nokia N95 (A6.02)

  2. LD

    I have updated mine a few hours ago. I am also experiencing this web browser issue. Been looking all over the net for a solution, but no luck so far.

  3. Christopher Price

    That’s really weird. My N95-4 updated without issue. Aside from these two posts, I haven’t seen or heard it happen.

  4. Phong

    Same phone, I update mine three days ago… it works fine =) Maybe try to re-install the firmware using Nokia Software Update one more time (remember to back up your contact).

  5. MrWilson

    i have reinstalled firmware, the issue was that i have restored all the data also application settings so now without that restore (only contacts, agenda and sms’s) works ok. Thank you very much, i new on this. 🙂