3 responses to “Nokia 6300i First Series 40 Device with Nokia Maps”

  1. sina

    hi my phone is 6300 but i donot know is 6300i
    can you help me i can recive this program in my phones because this program do not my phones

  2. Christopher Price

    Unfortunately, that usually means you can’t upgrade. When Nokia adds an “i” to the end of phones after their release, it usually means they are intentionally requiring people to buy a new phone.

    You can try running Nokia Update, checking our Firmware Tracker (on the Phone Encyclopedia), and checking with Nokia or your manufacturer to see if an update is available for your 6300.

  3. Ali Ahmed

    i have the nokia 6300i but i do not know how to activate/use the wifi? can anyone tell me about that as soon as possbile…thanks