Nokia 6265i Lives, Headed to Verizon

We first spotted the 6265i at CTIA in Las Vegas last year. However since the Nokia CDMA falloutfurther fallout… and attempts at reconciliation, we lost sight of it headed to any wireless provider other than regional carriers.

Verizon however appears hopeful of a brighter future between Nokia and CDMA. They appear to have picked up the 6265i, as shown at CES. Nokia only loads carrier support onto expo phones once a carrier has been confirmed for the device, and the phone clearly shows the Verizon Wireless banner.

The Nokia 6265i is the most full-featured CDMA phone released by Nokia to-date. The Series 40 3rd Edition device has the largest QVGA display in a CDMA phone from Nokia. It also features MP3 playback, and a 2.0 megapixel camera in a slider form-factor.

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However, this is not an assurance CDMA is returning to Nokia. Qualcomm and Nokia are still in the middle of a bitter patent dispute, and until that is resolved, Nokia is holding to its position of releasing devices that are in-development. That said, the continued release of devices shows that they have not terminated CDMA engineers (unlike other companies that have backed out of CDMA).

Should Nokia and Qualcomm patch up patent indifferences before the 6265i ships, it is possible Nokia may return to CDMA phone development.