NewsGator Extends Free RSS Reader to iPhone

NewsGator, the popular online RSS publisher, and maker of the very popular NetNewsWire RSS reader for Macintosh, has opened yet another offering to Apple users.

Today, NewsGator unveiled an iPhone version of their online reader. NewsGator already offers a free, AJAX-powered RSS reader for desktop, and are using the same technology to power iPhone. Other mobile devices require a dedicated (and not free) reader to access NewsGator services. NewsGator also offers readers for Java J2ME phones, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile, in addition to desktop dedicated clients.

One of the largest advantages to the NewsGator platform, is the ability to sync across all desktop, web, and mobile device. For example, a Mac user with NetNewsWire Lite can sync their RSS feeds with NewsGator, and then view only unread news items on the iPhone. While some of NewsGator’s solutions do cost money, pairing a Mac, NetNewsWire Lite, and iPhone provide absolutely free RSS syncing across the Mac, web client, and iPhone.

NewsGator Mobile for iPhone
NewsGator Press Release