New Samsung Models for T-Mobile Surface

Three new unannounced Samsung models with 3G access and one soon to be launched model have surfaced for T-Mobile which will be launching soon.

samsung gravity 2

The Samsung Gravity 2 is an update to the venerable messaging device which features an upgraded 2.0 megapixel camera, 3G access and an improved display.

Image samsung dual display

The above device is a new form factor device for Samsung with dual displays, QWERTY keyboard, and 3G access.

samsung cheap touch

This device is meant to be an entry-level touchscreen device with a 3.0 megapixel camera, 3G access, TouchWiz support, and other features based off of the S30. No pricing or availability details are known for the above models at this time.

samsung gravity 2

The Samsung t349 is intended to be the successor to the t749 Blast messaging oriented slider and will feature a SureType keyboard along with a nearly identical featureset to the Blast. The T349 is slated for launch on May 20th, 2009.

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