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10 responses to “New Details Surface Regarding Expanded T-Mobile 3G Launch”

  1. SaltyDawg

    No Salt Lake? BOO!!!!

  2. Dan H.

    Salt Lake? Baltimore didn’t even make the cut. You can get it from New England to DC but you just have an hour and a half gap without.

    Now lets just hope that it is fast and has decent access prices. Yeah, so does anyone know the 3G data pricing?

  3. Scott

    Thats why i love my sprint, they dont charge based on speed. weather its 1x or evdo its the same price

    att sucks for charging more for 3g. i cant believe people go to att just for a phone when their prices are the highest in the industry

  4. SaltyDawg

    Actually, Sprint charges more for an EVDO plan (Power Vision) than for a 1X plan (Vision). This was a big deal when they forced everyone to get a Power Vision plan in order to activate a Power Vision phone (the 6700 when it first came out).

  5. RiceBonito

    Who cares about Salt Lake City? Obviously not T-Mobile. Good thing I live in Houston where I don’t have to worry about companies skipping our city as a major launch for their products.

  6. SaltyDawg

    I guess living in Houston is already bad enough where you shouldn’t have to worry about T-Mobile’s 3G.

    BTW- Salt Lake has virtually no gaps in 3G coverage from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and Cricket. So I guess somebody does care about Salt Lake.

    T-Mobile will without a doubt launch the service in Salt Lake sooner rather than later. It’s likely one of the cities that are still testing that aren’t on the list.

  7. darth

    will the iphone 3g work on the tmobile 3g network?


  8. Christopher Price

    Darth, the answer is no… and yes.

    T-Mobile is using both 2100 MHz and 1700 MHz for UMTS in the United States. iPhone 3G supports UMTS on 2100 MHz, but not on 1700 MHz.

    As such, there will be areas of T-Mobile’s 3G coverage that will work with iPhone 3G, but also many areas that will always be EDGE-only.

    We don’t recommend relying on UTMS 2100-only phones, unless you are very familiar with the band-types that towers in your area. Otherwise, you may be sorely disappointed with your device’s performance. As such, you should find out if T-Mobile is using UMTS 2100, UMTS 1700, or both in the areas you will use the phone. You probably won’t be able to confirm this until after T-Mobile launches UMTS in your area.

    And, of course, you still have to find a way to unlock iPhone 3G to begin with.

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    […] faster speeds offered by the currently UMTS-capable network, with the carrier planning to launch 20 further networks on October 1st of this year as well as its first HSDPA-capable handset within an undisclosed time […]

  10. Jolea

    Tmobile acutally really cares about Salt Lake the service out here is awesome actually the best. I used to live in california and tmobile sucked moved to utah not a single problem no drop calls nothing. And the EDGE works faster in utah because of UTOPIA a company that provide FiberOptic Data service so EDGE runs lots smother. Dont shoot down Utah lots of big companys run out of Utah and the popluation isnt as small as people think.