55 responses to “Nationwide T-Mobile Service Disruption”

  1. jim
  2. bottomline

    Wow, incredible….. Jim, u can stop trying to figure out what the purpose of my initial post was, it really was no big deal. That is, until now…. But if u must know, it was an inside comment directed at several of my friends that decided to switch from sprint to t-mobile(most of whom, have returned to sprint)…… As far as what the difference makes between who owns what, I, myself, am trying to be supportive of our economy by sticking to american products. Have a nice life……….

  3. Derek

    Im switching its nothing but problems with T-maybe….i havent had service for 4 days along with tons of my friends at college this company is a joke…and they are still going to charge us 200 dollars to cancel our line pathetic….ill see you in court thanks again T-maybe

  4. laura

    About 3 weeks ago suddenly callers were not able to hear us clearly while calling here in and around our home. This is happening on both phones. The phone kept breaking up. But we could hear the caller just fine. If I go 1/4 mile down the road the service is better. 1/2 mile and it improves even more so. If I leave my neighborhood completely the service is fine. I have never had this problem. T-mobile does not seem to know what the problem is. They said they checked the tours. Waiting on engineers to check and see if there is any type of interference in the area. Very frustrating! Tmobile did say they would compensate me once service is good again, for time lost.

  5. mr D

    Viva T MOBILE this is the worst service provider , i will swich to at&t very poor service i have problem with them in the last 4 years .im very sad