Motorola Z9 RIZR & U9 ROKR Revealed

Rumor site Boy Genius Report has posted images of the Motorola Z9. The Z9 appears to be the GSM counterpart to the Motorola Z6m ROKR, which has reported showing up on Sprint.

U9 PEBL photo (right) courtesy Phone Scoop

Specifications on the Z9 are scarce. The nomenclature points to the model bearing similar specifications to the RAZR2, with improved multimedia capacities. And, as shown above, the device clearly features AT&T branding.

Also shown for the first time is the Motorola U9 ROKR. The U9 is a continuation of Motorola’s PEBL form-factor, but will be branded as a ROKR music-centric phone. Details are equally scarce on the U9, but the phone appears to also inherit design aspects from the RAZR2, such as a large (and possibly touch-screen) external display.