Motorola LAZR Revealed

Photos have been posted pictures of what appears to be the Motorola LAZR. The phone has been rumored to be the V9 (and V9m on CDMA) will replace the RAZR maxx in Motorola’s lineup. One oddity of note is that the phone lacks external memory card storage (at least on the UMTS version), however, it includes 512 MB of internal memory and a very large 2-inch display. Some sources report that Motorola will be eschewing external memory slots in most future phones, similar to Apple, deferring to Bluetooth file transfers and USB mass storage support.

The phone has been confirmed to be running JUIX (Linux) as opposed to the older Synergy platform. A Verizon version of the V9m has been confirmed, though the change to Motorola’s Linux platform still won’t shake the Verizon User Interface… it has been confirmed the outdated BREW UI will be ported over to Motorola’s Linux platform.