Motorola Adds Z6c ROKR, Now Three CDMA Z6 Units

Motorola’s CDMA unit appears to be poised to heavily market their Z6 series of CDMA sliders. The manufacturer has now raised the variant count to three with the introduction of the Z6c.

The first Z6 to drop was the Z6m ROKR, a slider aimed to capitalize on the integrated music stores of both Sprint and Verizon. It features a 3.5 mm headset jack, and is technically similar to the V9m RAZR2. Following that announcement, Verizon leaked out the development of the Z6TV, a modified Z6m with the addition of MediaFLO, for V CAST Mobile TV service. The Z6TV is the first MediaFLO phone for Motorola.

The Z6c differentiates from the Z6m in that the Z6c will include international GSM roaming support. The Z6c is otherwise a Z6m, with support for GSM 900/1800 support. Like other international phones sold in the United States on CDMA, it intentionally lacks support for GSM 850 and 1900, in order to prevent federal regulations from developing, forcing GSM and CDMA carriers to have roaming agreements.

We can confirm that the Z6c is headed to Verizon Wireless, though it is likely Sprint will also carry the phone. Both carriers have lacked a traditional handset with international roaming capacity for almost a year.