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9 responses to “MetroPCS Adds New and Upcoming Markets, Nationwide Service”

  1. los2003

    I wanna see how this is gonna work here. I live in flint and I remember when we had crickets… Sprint is the dominant carrier hereM but for their prices I could see a lot of people carrying 2 phones again like they did with cricket before.

  2. Christopher Price

    We’re still checking to see if this deal includes data roaming. We’ll report back if/when MetroPCS gives us that information.

  3. los2003

    chris do you know if they have any smartphones out

  4. Christopher Price

    No, but you can activate HTC smartphones on MetroPCS. The PPC-6700 looks like the best bet right now:–XV6700-to-MetroPCS.aspx

    (You can ignore step 1 of the guide, changing ESNs is no longer necessary due to the MetroFLASH initiative).

    That said, there’s nothing really stopping the Mogul/Titan or Touch/Vogue from working as well… you’re just getting a better deal with the PPC-6700 since MetroPCS isn’t EV-DO Rev A yet. The only benefit you additional things you could get is GPS (and Bluetooth 2.0).

    Note: As usual, please do not address general questions to me. You ignore tens of thousands of people in doing so… who probably could answer your question.

  5. Yankees368

    Just be warned that these new markets are running on Metros 1700 mhz network, and any phone you bring over probably will not work.

  6. Christopher Price

    Correct, the easiest way to check is to call a local MetroPCS store and ask if MetroFLASH is available in your area. If an area doesn’t offer MetroFLASH, then the network is using 1700 MHz, and you would want to use a MetroPCS phone with 1700 MHz support.

  7. Sepurb

    Can the Samsung M540 Rant be flashed with MetroPCS? if so I’m leaving Sprint TOMORROW. pleeeease someone reply. thanks in advance!

  8. betty

    BUT! metro doesn’t let you know until last minute that if you FLASH other phones to work with metro pcs, you wont be able to use all of that phone’s features. all you get is regular text and unlimited calling. no picture messaging and no internet…so bEWARE!!!

  9. betty

    and if you’re trying to see what phones can be FLASHed to metro pcs, just go to and all the phone model numbers should show up and just see if your model is up there. good luck!