Just Wait Until Monday… For Your Own Sake

A little word of advice, don’t order the T608 until Monday. If you order before they deem the phone “in-stock” you risk screwing things up, big time. TeleSales has been known to lose such orders, not process them for days, or tell you the order wasn’t processed when it was in fact processed.

This is from personal experience, take it as you wish. But I’m almost certain the phone’s not going to run out of stock between now and Monday (especially since it’s not on sale yet officially), and the order won’t ship until Monday anyways.

Here’s the gold standard: Don’t let them take the order unless you can get an order number from them by the end of the call. If you can’t get an order number, tell them not to process the order, and that you will order it on Monday.

And as a related FYI, TeleSales (1-866-PCS-AUTO) will open at 7 AM Central.