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2 responses to “iTunes 8.0 Late-Breaking Notes”

  1. Brian Peterson

    They didn’t do a very good job. I just updated to 8.0 and now I am asked to enter my password in order to play anything, and half of the time my songs/videos won’t play at all. Even after I enter my password, it just tells me that my computer is already authorized, and then it acts like nothing ever happened. If I try to play it again, the cycle continues. I can’t even preview anything in the store, because the same thing happens. I am not completely locked out, but practically speaking, I really can’t use iTunes.

  2. Michele Thomas

    iTunes 8 running on a PC with XP is giving me the same loop, over and over. Fixes work for a day or so, or sometimes just one sync, and then I’m back in it. Apple help has been NOT help–their latest is telling me it’s a problem with my OS. This doesn’t make any sense, since Apple discussion boards are full of people with this problem, running all kinds of Mac and PC systems (I guess maybe it’s time for Linux?)

    Please let us know if you get any good fixes.