iPhone Training Book Reveals New Details

Apple’s iPhone training book has leaked onto the web. Here’s the key details that we’ve learned that are new. Either these were assumed, but not confirmed, or are new features/clarifications:

  • Outlook and Outlook Express contact sync is supported via iTunes on Windows PCs.
  • Multi-tasking is supported (making a call while doing other functions on the device). However, to continue using the internet while on a call, a user must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Vibrate mode is confirmed.
  • MMS is not supported, however, users can email photos as attachments using the email client, Mail.
  • Only SMS chat is supported, iPhone will not function at-launch with any Instant Messaging service.
  • Videos will only play in landscape mode, as seen in the TV Ads
  • MEdia Net Home, AT&T Music, MEdia Mall, MobiTV, TeleNav, and Cingular Video (now Cellular Video) will all not be supported.
  • Yahoo! Push Mail is the name of the free P-IMAP service. Alternative P-IMAP support was not confirmed, mostly due to the lack of alternative P-IMAP providers currently. POP3 and IMAP email support was also re-confirmed.
  • Multi-tasking has been further confirmed in that Mail can download in the background while surfing with Safari
  • Bookmark syncing supports both Mac and Windows bookmark lists.